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Hi, my name is Garry James Smith, I was born in Broken Hill (above), a mining town in far western NSW, Australia. Welcome to Garry Jam’s Book Book Review

I’m currently living in Port Macquarie

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Port Macquarie







I think my first long book was Papillon an autobiographical novel written by Henri Charrière, first published in France on 30 April 1969. I think I was 10.

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Christian Heritage College

In 1994, I began a Bachelor of Arts at the Christian Heritage College in Brisbane, Australia. My majors were Bible Studies and English literature. My course title was “The Rise Of Western Culture”.

After that, I got a job in Tokyo, teaching English as a foreign language.

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After Tokyo I did a graduate diploma in applied linguistics.



A Brief Bio

I’ve graduated from two universities. Christian Heritage College and Griffith University both in Queensland, Australia

During my high school years, I was a boarder at Geelong College in Victoria

I’ve had a varied working career:

An Australian football
  • Mining electrician
  • Piemaker in my father’s business, “Larry’s Pie Cottage” in Port Macquarie NSW.
  • English language teacher in Brisbane and Tokyo
  • I reached a semi-professional level playing Australian football in Broken Hill. I thought I would get further.

I am also a gamer. I like StarCraft II. I have posted 3 exemplar missions on YouTube. And I like reading the Bible and hearing from God.

If you have any questions or anything to say, I would encourage you to leave a comment below.

Thank you.

Garry Smith



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