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Michael Fiynn

Michael Flynn loved Trump, “but he didn’t want to go to the White House”, says  Fox News anchor Brian Kilmead. Flynn is a retired three-star general, and after serving in the Obama administration, was busy promoting his book Field of Fight. 

General Flynn had had a long and distinguished career serving his country in the military and just wanted to fund his retirement and bow out of public life.

He enjoyed helping with the Trump campaign, but that is as far as he wanted it to go. He did however wind up accepting the post of  National Security Advisor at Trump’s behest. Then he was ruthlessly attacked by the Democrats via the FBI.


Law Enforcement

The issue here is that law enforcement must always be done in the spirit of advancing justice, but in the case of General Flynn this isn’t what happened. Prosecutors had a political agenda. It was a case of malicious prosecution by the FBI. To begin with, Flynn had grossly incompetent representation. Then the FBI;

  • Entrapped Flynn in his words
  • Accused him of lying by omission after asking him vague questions
    • Like saying “Ahah!!! you left a few things out! You lied to us!”, after asking “What did you do last year?”
  • Then told him that the only way he was going to get out from his troubles with minimum jail time, was to plead guilty

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    • Plea bargaining happens in over 90% of cases. Ellis says she knows this for a fact because she used to be a prosecutor
    • Guilty pleas are not necessarily an indication of the facts
    • Guilty pleas are just contracts between prosecutors and defendants to resolve cases
    • Flynn’s plea was coerced

It wasn’t until Sidney Powell got involved, that the charges were thrown out

And didn’t the left-wing press howl and moan about it, The New York Times, for example

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    • Somehow  even Barrak Obama got involved offering support to the FBI
    • Ellis contends that everyone involved in the prosecution should be prosecuted themselves
    • Flynn is now almost penniless

The left-wing liberal supercilious worldview

I know better than you. That gives me the right to control you even if it makes your life miserable, and you will do what I say, or else!

Democrats persist

After destroying General Flynn’s life there has been a new twist.

US District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan said Wednesday that he will appoint retired New York federal judge and former prosecutor John Gleeson to argue against the Justice Department’s motion to dismiss Flynn’s case. Sullivan has also asked Gleeson to examine whether, in trying to rescind his guilty plea about lying, the former National Security Adviser might have committed perjury.

Another of Flynn’s enemies is Adam Schiff, have a listen to what this weasel had to say earlier in the year:



Adam Schiff is a hypocrite and a liar. He even talks about protecting elections, LOL!!!

One rule for Obama, and another for everybody else


The democrats have stopped at nothing to retake power, they had an agenda that was truly diabolical, but Trump stopped them in their tracks. They bankrupted General Flynn because they are very nasty people.

They will stop at nothing but a baseball bat to the head.

The virus has always been a political weapon. The Democrats colluded with the Chinese to create it.

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Support Michael Flynn, buy a copy of his book,  Feild of Fight, click here.

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